(more) Private Show Reviews:

Love INC of Oceana County –  We had the Pops Scholars at our recent annual fund-raising banquet.  It was the first time we have had entertainment at our banquet and they were a huge hit.  Our attendance was double what it had been the year before.  They were quick-witted and entertaining.  They did a fabulous job of connecting with the audience, not only by making them laugh, but by making them feel part of the show.  I would recommend this group for any up-coming event you may be hosting.  – Lori Ray

Grace Bible College – Working with Pop Scholars was an easy experience. They make it easy on the front end with planning as they were extremely flexible and easy to work with! Pop Scholars accommodated the style and level of cleanliness that we were looking for. Our student body who came to the event laughed the entire night and the next day told all of their friends who didn’t come that they missed out! We will definitely be booking Pop Scholars for another performance next year! – Kyle Bohl

Ready for School – We hired Pop Scholars to add a little comedy to our annual breakfast event. Admittedly, I was a little nervous as trying to make 350 business folks laugh at 7:30 a.m. is no small task.  Pop Scholars nailed it. If you are looking for a creative way to add a little fun to your event, I highly recommend Pop Scholars.  – Colleen Hill

Knapp Charter Academy– My staff cannot get enough of the Pop Scholars.  PS have been a part of our last two Christmas parties and we are not stopping anytime soon.  Engaging, interactive, AND hysterical with fresh new material every year that kept us wondering and worrying what is coming next.  Go out of your way to hire these four guys for your staff party. – Dave Turcotte

CLC Network– We appreciated Pop Scholars’ flexibility and sensitivity to the needs of our audience.  They did a great job of gauging the pace at which to keep the show moving, and kept everyone laughing. – Elizabeth Dombrowski

Farmers Co-Op Elevater Co. – Pop Scholars is AWESOME entertainment!  They had us laughing from the opening line to the last word spoken.  Very appreciative for the good clean fun they provided.  Absolutely a must see!! – Jennifer Blood 

Mars Hill Bible Church – The Pop Scholars were a huge hit at our Volunteer Celebration.  They were easy to work with, hilarious and they catered well to our audience!  Bravo! – Jennifer Hoeksema

Calvin College – We hired the Pop Scholars for our summer orientation program to perform before new students and their parents/siblings – quite a range of age and interest.  They were a grand slam.  Their evaluation numbers were the highest we’ve ever seen.  The Pop Scholars are as brilliant and quick-witted as they are entertaining and funny.  These guys are creative, entertaining,  enjoyable – humor the way it was meant to me:  clever, not gutter. – Bob Crow

Frontline Community Church – Pop Scholars was the icing on the cake for our volunteer appreciation banquet! – Therese LeClair

Fellowship Reformed Church – We were delighted with the fantastic way that the Pop Scholars adapted to our group, and the way that within just a few minutes we felt like we had a group of our friends up front having fun with us.  They are all wonderfully talented, witty, and amazingly spontaneous, but the rapport that was almost immediately established between the guys in the group and the individuals in the audience was what made the evening so special. – Jim DeHorn