Yeah, you probably heard we rocked some shows for Laugh Fest. Some people called us “headliner of the festival”, while other people called us “who?”

Seriously, please have us back

ANYWAYS, we’ve been hidden away in the lab, coming up with a new show for y’all.

Here’s what we dun come up with:
These guys, huh?

That’s right, it’s local college-aged improvisers, “Bait & Switch!”
Yeah, we made it. We’re big enough to have an opener. We’re impressed, too.

So, you can expect a FULL, critically acclaimed (?) Pop Scholars Show and BONUS Bait & Switch.
It’s like an Easter pretty-good-thing-to-have-happen!

Pop Scholars Presents: Switch!
April 6 and 7 at 8pm.
Pre-order tickets online, or come check us out at the door of Dog Story Theater.

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