Yultides Have Turned

From Pop Scholars w/ Love

We got you a present!
No, we didn’t wrap it or anything.
No, it definitely isn’t a white elephant gift. It’s super sincere.
SUPER sincere.
Like, probably the most sincere thing we’ve ever done.

What? No, we’re being serious.
I don’t know how to be more clear that this isn’t a joke.
Why can’t we ever sound sincere to you? Honestly, why? Is it our tone of voice?

You know what? Fine. Think what you want.
We were just going to say that we were giving you OUR FUNNIEST SHOW EVER THIS COMING WEEKEND, but you know what?
We don’t even CARE.

Ok, well THERE we were being sarcastic, sure…

…let’s talk in person from now on.

ANYWAYS, in all seriousness- we can’t wait to share our holiday joy with you in some amazing shows this weekend:

Pop Scholars Presents: Yultides Have Turned!
December 9 and December 10 at 8pm.
Pre-order tickets online, or come check us out at the door of Dog Story Theater.

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